Guía Profesional en Mendoza Andrés Griffouliere

About Me.

I´m Andrés Griffouliere but the people call me «Colo». I´m a mountain guide and passionate about life in nature.

I´m from Mendoza (Argentina) just near to the Cordillera de los Andes. When I was a child my father Armando used to take me, my brothers and cousins to enjoy of that mountains that are around us. There my passion for trekking was born. Today I´m inviting you to take part of the mountaineering experience.

To be your guide I trained at the Mountain School of the Club Andinista de Mendoza and at the School of High Mountain and Trekking Guides. My learning process was completed in the numerous expeditions that I made in the Cordón del Plata and Aconcagua that were my «second school of guides».

I really enjoy life with friends and family. My lifestyle is respectful with the planet (including my expeditions), daily I train and I eat in a healthy way. Anyway, occasionally I indulge myself sharing a tasty barbecue with a good wine or a beer. I’m very interested in continuous learning. I speak english, I’m studying italian and I´d like to learn french in the future.

My experience in the mountain gifted me a beautiful group of people from several countries which has given my life a new meaning, renewing my energies in each new adventure. I´m very eager to share the mountains that I already know and to accompany you in the challenge of new summits all around the world.

I´m going to offer you a unique experience where my expertise, formation and the opportunity to create new relationships are combined.

Expedición a Cotopaxi Ecuador

+ than 60 summits

between 3000 and 6,900 meter above sea level

Expedición Grupal a Monte Kilimanjaro

7 countries

Argentina, Bolivia, Chile,
Ecuador, Perú, Nepal,
Tanzania (África)

Expedición a Nevado de Pisco Perú

20 expeditions

to Aconcagua

I have trained to provide you with a complete experience


Superior Technician in Mountain Activities Specialized in Trekking and Mountain


Mountain Medicine, Lifeguard in Natural Environments and Technician in Wild Medical Emergencies


Technical Rescue in Mountain and Safe Work at Height

¿Do you want to know deeply my experience and formation?