Route 360

The “Roof of America” with its 6962 meters above sea level is the highest mountain outside the Himalayas. A mountain that awakens passions and invites you to make dreams come true.

We propose a complete itinerary. We start with several nights in Las Cuevas, looking for our body to accommodate to the altitude comfortably, from the shelter located in this beautiful high mountain village at 3300 meters above sea level.

The proposed route is 360, entering through the Vacas Valley and leaving through the Horcones Valley, with the possibility of getting to know every corner of the Aconcagua Park.

Our days in the high altitude camps are thought from the theory of the “Serrucho” as a way of acclimatization, that is to say, during the day we go to the altitude and sleep lower down, this will greatly improve your acclimatization increasing our chances of summiting.

We invite you to be part of this adventure and enter into a mountaineering level enjoying the Andes in its maximum expression.


Physical Difficulty: High
Technical Difficulty: Middle - Low
Duration: 19 days
Necessary equipment: High Mountain
Maximum group: Up to 3 climbers per Guide
It includes:

Professional Mountain Guide (EPGAMT/UIMLA)

Logistics and Organization.

Equipment List and Advice

Transfer Mendoza – Las Cuevas – Penitentes

2 nights of refuge in Las Cuevas

Mules service to PA and down from PM

4 nights full board in P. Argentina

1 night services in P. de Mulas

Meals during the expedition: Breakfast, March Meals (or lunch) and dinner on the days of the expedition

Common Equipment: Tents and kitchen equipment

Expedition portage

VHF Radio / First aid kit.


Day 1 (5/12): Mza 770 masl (Permits and equipment review)

Day 2: Trip to Las Cuevas 3300 masl – Refuge

Day 3: We climb Bermejo 3990 masl (We organize equipment for the muleteers) – Night in Refuge

Day 4: Check In – Pampa de Leñas 2800 masl

Day 5: Casa de Piedra Camp 3250 masl

Day 6: Plaza Argentina Base Camp 4200 masl (medical check)

Day 7: Rest in Base Camp

Day 8: Portage to Campo 1 4900 masl

Day 9: Rest day in Base Camp

Day 10: We move to Campo 1 4900 masl

Day 11: Rest day Camp 1

Day 12: We move to Camp 3 de Guanacos 5500

Day 13: Rest day in 3 de Guanacos 5500 masl

Day 14: We move to Camp Colera 5990 masl

Day 15: Aconcagua Summit Day 6962 masl

Day 16: We go down to the Plaza de Mulas Base Camp 4200

Day 17 (21/12): Descent to Mendoza and the beers!

Day 18: Extra day

Day 19: Extra day