San Juan, Argentina

Normal or Inca

Pichiragua, in indigenous language, today called Mercedario, is located in the Ramada mountain range, a range composed of six summits that exceed six thousand meters and of which our objective is the highest summit. It is one of the 10 highest peaks in America. It is located about 60 km north of Aconcagua, whose geographical characteristics are quite similar.

The Incas already ascended this mountain more than 500 years ago. The remains of curious constructions have been found in places that are today used as camps, over 5,200 meters above sea level, in addition to the discovery of statuettes that would be Inca.

One of the objectives of the series of expeditions carried out by a group of exemplary Polish climbers at the beginning of the 1930’s was the Mercedario. Then they would climb the Aconcagua by the Glacier, today called Polish for the first time and the Ojos del Salado, also the first ascent, in the year 37.

We propose you to share this expedition following the footsteps of Incas and Polacos who preceded us in the adventure to one of the giants of the Andes.

Physical Difficulty: High
Technical Difficulty: Download
Duration: 10 days
Necessary equipment: High Mountain
Maximum group: 3
It includes:

-Professional Mountain Guides.

-Personal Accident Insurance.

-Meals during the expedition

-Common equipment: Tent and kitchen equipment.

-VHF radio

-First aid kit.

-Oxygen tube

-Logistics and Organization.

-Equipment List and Advice

-Tranfer Barreal – Refugio de la Laguna