LEÑAS DEL TOLOSA: 4000 vintage style!

LEÑAS DEL  TOLOSA 4000 vintage style!

A new “cerrazo” came out for me, in the area of ​​the Andean corridor in Mendoza, 1188 meters of difference in altitude in 3.22 km in 6 and a half hours, beautiful ascent I started walking at 7:45 am I went into the ravine I quickly put on crampons, helmet and pickaxe. I advanced quite quickly through the snow and in the end the channel of about 40º to 45º left me on the summit edge, the snow was quite good at times hard and at others opening a trail. The day was painted, clear without wind tremendous spring day.

The summit edge was between snow and rocks until I reached the top rock, there to be honest I hesitated for a few moments whether to face it or not haha, well I was alone and I had a few steps of climbing on rotten rock in front of me, so I took courage I left With crampons on and without a backpack, I faced the climbing steps that left me at the summit. Standing on the top, happy to overcome my fears, I prepared myself for the obligatory photos and videos, a festive lunch and a deep breath of the immensity of the mountains.

I went down fast and the truth is that I soon want to equip myself for randonnée and do this type of descent because it invited me to go down even faster. At 2:15 p.m. I was already in the truck stretching and enjoying some good mates.
Thank life for having known this sport that puts us in contact with nature in such an incredible way.

I feel that it is very healthy for mountain guides to face projects of ascents and climbing (large, small, medium whatever), and “kick” alone from time to time it returns us to the primitive of mountaineering, it helps us to connect with the mountain in a different way and renew our enthusiasm for the sport by strengthening that connection. Obviously discovering new places for us also makes us grow and broaden our horizons.

to continue enjoying the mountain
summit and base camp hug!



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